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Nord Modular G1 G2 Micro Largest Patch Sound Program Library 70,000+ D0wnl0ad

Nord Modular G1 G2 Micro Largest Patch Sound Program Library 70,000+ D0wnl0ad

Nord Modular G1 G2 Micro Largest Patch Sound Program Library 70,000+ D0wnl0ad

This is the largest library, the largest collection of sounds for the Nord Modular synthesizer anywhere.You are bidding / purchasing a large library of .pch & pch2 patches for the Nord Modular (G1 & G2) - just the sounds, no synthesizer. We’ve spent years collecting these sounds from around the Internet and have been checked for accuracy and organized into individual memory loads for your synthesizer. In addition to the .pch files, tutorial threads and workshop screen captures are included. With the Nord Modular Editor that you already have, and the Clavia documentation, you'll have tens of thousands of ideas for new sounds..We deliver these sounds to you as quickly as possible after payment via link to a download. Why buy a SoundEngine Rebuild Kit?We’ve authored detailed, specific installation instructions that show you what settings to adjust on your synthesizer, and what tools to use on your computer to use these sounds We focus on one synthesizer per library. We don’t group several synths together in a jumbled mess with lots of useless stuff in one package to get the sound count up We will keep you updated as we find and develop new sounds that are included in our Rebuilds, so you always have the latest stuff both sound and documentation We will always, ALWAYS, give you free support and resend the sounds if you have a computer disaster - just ask our customers! SoundEngine has been programming synthesizers since 1991 and avidly collecting sounds for this and other synthesizers since the web really started taking off around 1995. We've been around and will be around to support you as needed.What's included in this particular auction:- More than 60,000+ G1 sounds in .pch format. We're only counting the "Sounds by Author" folder here, as there is another set of folders called "Sounds by Category" that may have duplicates of the Author sounds, so we didn't count them - but there are 14,000+ sorted sounds in there. Theoretically, you could be getting up to 74,000+sounds.- An additional G2 5000+ patches and performances (.pch2 and .prf2)- Captured workshops and discussion threads where other users relayed information about their synthesis experiments  - MOST IMPORTANTLY: Lifetime updates and backups as needed. - If your item is damaged or lost - we will replace the library for FREE!Rescue your synth with our rebuild kit! Thank you for browsing our auction and we look forward to your business. 

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